Posted by: rsvphere | June 23, 2010

Great Bride Blog to Follow

Are you a stressed out bride looking for good bride blogs? Try Wedology 101! Bloggers Jenn and Meghan share tips and tricks to help you plan your wedding with the help of a panel of wedding experts. Besides great tips they also do profiles of “Been There, Done That” Brides like the one they did on Casey below. Special thanks to Wedology 101 and we hope everyone visits the site!

Feature done by Wedology 101 on Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Been There, Done That Bride: Casey Bunn

I’ll admit it- I get a little giddy when a new Been There, Done That bride comes across my desk. This week, I’m especially delighted to share the story of my friend, and Richmond Twitter Celebster Casey Bunn with

Think that planning a wedding is tough when trying to work at the same time? You haven’t heard anything yet.

Take it away Casey…

Why are you a “Been There, Done That” Bride?

I planned my entire wedding while holding down a job and running a company in my spare time! We were our own first customers! I was investing all of my money in my business, so opted out of a wedding planner, but boy do I see why brides use them! …..

To see the rest of this feature follow this link to Wedology 101


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