Posted by: rsvphere | July 7, 2010

Rate your Nerdiness and Join Your Tech Council

If you had to rate your understanding of technology on the geek scale 1-10, what would it be? You can be pretty proud of yourself if you are anywhere upwards of 5! If not, we can get you there! Generation late seems to be coming right out of the womb typing 80 words per minute. Recently I saw a 2 year old who could work an iPhone like a bath of blocks.

Technology is here to stay and changing so quickly that it can be hard to keep up. A great way to stay connected, no matter how technical you are, is to look into your local Technology Council. Here in Richmond, ours is called Rich Tech. Newly branded and run by the strapping Chip Farmer and lovely Alicia Durham, it makes sense for me to participate of course because my occupation and my company are both in the technology field.

However, for Richmonders, Rich Tech is so much more even if you are not a technologist or even close. You can learn a tremendous amount about the impact that technology is making on our youth, businesses, community, and our global economy by plugging in to a group like Rich Tech. You will be affected in your job and/or personal life by technology choices that either you make, or that others make for you.

A technology council will give you an opportunity to be knowledgeable and prepared for what you encounter. You can also meet vendors and learn about tools that you may end up needing. Plus, you learn a little geek speak as you go along.

And, we aren’t all nerd and no fun. Rich Tech holds tons of breakfasts, social events, and outings including an annual fishing trip where we drink sodas and discuss how technology is partly responsible for the crash of the financial market– NOT!!! We buddy up and develop relationships that can be pivotal for your career, your business, and your personal technology decisions. We also catch big fish.(You must join!)

If you had to make a technical decision, are you close enough with anyone unbiased to ask? Do you know the latest in what technologies are impacting business? Have you heard about what Google is doing lately? I not saying… but really am saying…pop on your wireframes and join a Council near you ;). Let me know how it goes!


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