Posted by: rsvphere | July 12, 2010

Hot mama! Holy heat wave!

Outdoor weddings are beautiful. They provide the perfect setting, perfect lighting, but not always the perfect temperature. For summer weddings especially, it can get downright hot! When planning your summer wedding it’s important to not forget about the “summer” part of your wedding. Here are two quick things you may have forgotten that can help beat the heat.

It’s important to have places where your guests can cool off. For example, fans around the tent, an indoor bathroom, and don’t forget supplying plenty of water to drink. Guests should be fainting because of your beauty not because of the heat!

Make sure to wear sunscreen. You don’t want to be a permanently blushing bride and being sun burnt on your honeymoon isn’t so romantic. You can get a nice light sunscreen that won’t mess up your makeup and you’ll be ready to go!

Have a wonderful summer wedding and stay cool!

-Sally Lang (RSVPhere intern)

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