Posted by: rsvphere | July 29, 2010

Google Search: Event Planning

Ahhh, you have a full time job, and a family, and extra curricular activities and your sister is getting married and wants you to help plan? How will you ever handle it by yourself? And do you trust that the wedding will be all that she dreams?

Tell me truth. Have you ever been to an event where every detail was meticulously well thought out and creative and you wondered how they ever did it? Ah, an event planner sneaking in the shadows!!

Have you ever used an event planner? Are you an event planner? Well, we want to hear from you!

We’re looking to connect with event planners and let them know about We think this free service could potentially be very helpful to them and their clients. Also, we’d like to hear from some people who have used event planners before so we can learn about their experinces. Did they appreciate certain services provided? Were there any problems with the planner?

Comment on this post and tell us all of your stories. And, if you’re an event planner let us know, so we can get in contact with you.


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